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Tank Shirt with Soulsplitter Logo Frontprint

Our tank shirts run rather large. So maybe order one size smaller than usual.


Do you know the kind of band merchandise you think looks really cool – but then it turns out to be itchy, the print crumbles away and you find holes you have no explanation for after just three laundries? They might still look good in your wardrobe but you rarely ever wear them, right?

Our shirts are not like this in any way, but your new favorite ones, be assured.

We carefully chose Continental Earth Positive for all our textiles, which consist of 100% organic cotton. They are certified as fair trade, climate neutral and vegan and pay their workers in India a fair wage. (Learn more about them here: https://www.continentalclothing.com/about/earthpositive)
They also feel and look amazing!
The fabric is light, soft and breathable which makes them perfect for hot summers, shows and sleeping alike. Since they are 100% good organic cotton you can just air them instead of having to wash them after every use.

But even if you have to – fret not!
We partnered with a small screen printing manufactury, Deviate Industries in Leipzig, Germany, to provide us with high quality discharge prints. With the discharge method, the colored portion of the shirt is being bleached instead of applying color to the fabric – which makes it both more durable and ecological since there is no crumbs of paint getting removed during the washing process and then polluting the water.

We’re striving to provide you with high quality products which fulfill your expectations and are good for the planet at the same time. We’re sure you will enjoy it.

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